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The Devil in Me

Not everyone good, can't be a little bad.

She hides in solitude,

places no man dares to tell,

her arms continually wrap and wither,

her beautiful outer shell.

She prances through the alleys,

watching from the shadows in wait

Craving an everlasting love,

Just ONE being she won't come to hate.

Long long ago,

she used to be innocent,

Poised in her steps,

The fire in her eyes,

Was restlessly kept.

She wanted the love,

Searching for it too and fro,

but she just wasn't ready for the way it would devastate her so.

Resting in her castle built of lilacs, her mind made up of dreams,

Just one heartbreak...

And it all went up in steam.

It didn't matter to her though,

it didn't matter at all,

Because her fire still burned bright,

and she knew there was no possible way she could lose it all.

The beauty continually gave her heart to beasts, horsemen, and travelers of gray.

Each one toyed with her love and in her heart seeds of hate began to lay,

One call too little,

Two lies too many,

All her innocence sacrificed and she didn't even gain a penny.

The beauty evolved into a demon, resting her pitchfork solemnly by her side,

She glanced into the mirror at the mess she had become, as tears rolled down her eyes.

She wiped her brow and agreed never again.

Never to love

Never to lose

Never to pick

and never to choose.

Finally, gaurding her gates with her beauty withering away,

The beast suddenly realized what all her experiences were trying to say.

The love she had been searching for was rooted deep within the coils of her hair,

In the way the sun would treat her, every night before the stars appeared

Or in the pitter patter of the rain on her windows, as she'd lay asleep at night.

It was all those little things, that kept her alright.

It was not the one who kissed her forehead that made her life great,

But rather her own care, confidence, and love that kept everything at bay.

She didn't need anyone to carry her through the night,

she knew she had herself

and agreed that therefore... Everything would be alright.

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The Devil in Me
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