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The Day

An Unusual Vision of Matrimony

Dark Bride by Kat_C

Dominic can see his wedding day when he closes his eyes.

The skies are grey and mist fills the air.

He is wearing a black tuxedo and the dress of his love matches color.

A veil covers her eyes.

The breeze chills the guests to their core but the bride and the groom are numb to it.

The only thing he can feel are the razor-thin hands of his beloved

as they walk down the rain-soaked isle.

They are as cold as the winter wind.

The crowd shivers under their umbrellas as their tears keep pace with the increasing downpour.

As the couple approaches closer to the altar, the mist starts to camouflage the ceremony.

When they get there, the invited are completely shrouded in fog.

The only company they can see is the good reverend dressed in his black robe.

The master of the ceremony looks at the tired and eager couple, looks up to the sky, and smiles.

“We're almost out of time. Are you beautiful souls ready for forever?”

Dominic smiles back at the Reverend and replies, “I've been ready,”

“Lovely. Do you, Dominic Mason, take this beauty of a lifetime to be your wife through the end?” asked the preacher.

“Why wouldn't I?” Dominic answered with a smile as wide as a football field.

The reverend looked to the bride and asked

“Do you, this eternal beauty that graces us, take this lucky man to be your husband?”

Her thick black lips arched to reveal a marble white smile that melted the groom's soul.

“I will love him through the After and beyond.”

“I now declare that your souls are bonded forever. You may kiss the bride!” the reverend announced.

The fog swallowed the reverend. The only thing the couple can see is each other.

Dominic lifted the veil from her face.

His wife's eyes featured no iris or pupils and were as white as the frozen tundras of Antarctica.

He got lost in the vast beautiful emptiness that stirred in the windows of her soul.

As he kissed her frigid cold lips, he could feel them slipping away into peaceful bliss.

The fog finally swallowed them up and they were home.

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The Day
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