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The Dark Silence

A Constant Battle of Self

As she lay in the dark silence,

Her thoughts run wild.

They go back to the times, as a child,

When she would run free

When she would scream,

"You can't catch me!"

As she ran away giggling

Her little fat tummy jiggling

She never had to wonder

Never had to ponder

"How do I fit in?"

"Do I fit in?"

"Will they like me?"

"Do they already hate me?"


Love ,

What is Love?

She wonders,

She ponders,

She stares into the darkness and sees nothing

She listens to the silence,

She hears... nothing


Sometimes she feels like nothing


But sometimes she feels STRONG!

sometimes she feels BRAVE!

sometimes she's not ashamed!

Sometimes she's proud

Sometime's she's LOUD!

sometimes, she just gets trapped in a dark silence,

That makes her feel less

But every time she finds her way back to the light

Every time, she then decides, to never stay silent.

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The Dark Silence
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