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The Dance of Happiness

Between Night / Day

im feelin that poetry shit:

when the nights flow by

but you don't say bye

too early for goodnights

lets watch the stars glow bright

and enjoy the breeze,

of our thoughts wheeze,

when my laugh takes ease,

and comes out;

while im scrolling through a page

and hearing music through my face

I feel a fire light.


no complication

i feel free

thanks to all of those

who believed in me;

ive never felt this good

im feeling the symphony,

that stacks up on my mind but not simply neat

there's meshes of bright flash and tears of she

who cries her eyes

out when the sun's out

and im sold out, of ideas

When the passion is sucked from my woe,

and you already know

the dreadful thing

that comes next,

it's deafening


the clouds that disturb us

are irony,

at the very least;

these chains we put up

as a barrier see?

they keep us from the best thing in our lives,


What I like to call Happiness.

I feel the pressure break

it's pounding me

Until I lay flat, in my sleep

and night comes back to take my seat.

I'm already Happy

says the girl.

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The Dance of Happiness
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