The Daddy

A Poem for Dads Everywhere...

There once was a daddy

A father of three

With a beautiful daughter

Who bounced on his knee

Her little eyes sparkled

Like sunlight on bling

And each time she giggled

He felt his heart sing

Now he was her daddy

His love was complete

And he cared for her needs

From her head to her feet

He would feed her and dress her

But some thought it strange

That when needs be in public

Her nappy he'd change

"How gross!" How disgusting!"

"That's awful!" they'd say

"He's a dirty old man -

They should take him away!"

The women went on

With a bitch and a moan

"You just can't have a man

With a young girl alone!”

Now the daddy was sad

But resolved to be strong

For he knew that their thinking

Was totally wrong

It was just one more step

In the feminist plan

To lay every sin

At the foot of a man

If they'd had their way

They'd have had the man hung

As they spat out their words

With a poisonous tongue

But a wise man was daddy

And calmly replied

That his love for his daughter

Would not be denied

"Of course there's a few

Who are twisted and bent

But it's not that all men

Have demonic intent”

“And if you can see evil"

He said "You will find

It is not in my caring

But there in your mind."

Then he picked up his girl

And he said “Come on Miss!"

Then she threw her arms round him

………..And gave him kiss.

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The Daddy
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