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The Cure to Sadness

A Poem of a Survivor

The cure to sadness I find is to feel the feeling

Cry, scream, breathe, find the moment

Keeping it in is not mature, manly or appealing

Your body is an emotional stove; easily broken.

Putting too much water in the pan with the heat high

The result is the risk of boiling over

Burning yourself and those who handle you

No- one told me how to grieve

I don’t think I believed I would have to

Turns out when the time came

I already knew how to

Instinct kicks in and memories of past pain stain my mind

I’ve grieved for me

Grieved for the times I wanted to die

I’ve grieved for them

For those who came into my life and left swiftly

Things I never did

Activities that I condemn

I remembered all these times when I had to grieve for 3

I had to grieve for 1 when I was young

I didn’t understand how painful the world could be

I had to grieve for 2 when I had a lot to go through

I missed them but from afar I hadn’t got to grow with them

I had to grieve for 3 when I was me recently

I felt all the grief for the others and the understanding came too

I had a hand to hold this time

I had someone to be sad with me and help me see the world properly

No-one is forever

Every day is show time

Go out and be the anomaly

Tears clean out your eyes and make them so much fresher

Breathe and feel

Be better 

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The Cure to Sadness
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