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The Coward's Village

A Place for Cowards to Hide

Photograph By: Stephanie Watters Flores

Sitting in your lawn chair watching the fists fly,

Starring out your window to spy,

Listening to the screams late at night,

Never once turning on the light,

Knowing the things never shown,

Making sure nobody ever knows what is known,

Whispering to ears of the happiness felt because you are not in that person's place,

Cowering back into your own private little space,

Watching his chest puff out as he throws another slap,

Saying it makes him a man as going to take your nap,

Every word from these men's mouths is another to knock a woman down,

Spreading the word around with your gossip to prevent escape to another town,

Pretending to be an honorable friend,

Knowing it is getting closer to the end,

Silently sitting to watch as taking the final place in the cowards village without a second thought,

Telling others this is what the kids should be taught,

As the hand turns to your face,

Wishes fill with yesterdays race,

Comfort filled your heart from the familiar once betrayed on so many days,

Could have left you to go other ways,

Ugliness comes to light from own actions taken,

Honesty has left you completely shaken,

A lesson learned from the one abandoned in the time of need,

A lesson to take and other to feed.

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The Coward's Village
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