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The Coward

Surviving Narcissism #VocalNPM

By Cheryl Chastain 

Which one is the real you?

The cruel guy threatening and cold

or the one that once held my hand while we crossed the road

Are you the guy tearing me down happy to leave me with nothing or the one holding our baby saying “isn’t she something?”

How can you be this Jekyll and Hyde

blaming me for the destruction when you always lied?

Who do you see reflected back in the mirror?

Which one of those men this whole time was the real you?

I’ve almost forgotten the one who’s heart I wanted to keep protected and close

I’ll mourn for that compassionate man that I laughed with and opened myself to the most

but I’ll never be able to reconcile that shining example of the man I once fell for so hard

to the residue left behind by this contemptible new coward

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The Coward
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