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The Courage to Ask

An Acrostic Composition

Sometimes things go awry despite our best efforts to get the outcome we seek. We may assume the

blame, or we may assign it to someone else; either way we are called upon to take responsibility for

the undesired break in our growth. The occurrence often prompts an emotional response, and likely

the upheaval turns down the heat of our passion, especially when love is involved. How can we handle

our deepest wishes when in reality we have to manage the turmoil of our heart in pain? The life we

build on good hopes, putting order to our thoughts and purpose to our actions, how can it fall apart

so easily when strained too much, to what end? We shatter our soul on the altar of defeat, declare we

are a failure, and hide in shame. Is it better to simply stop trying and content ourselves with what we

have? Or do we get up one more time, and rebuild something from the debris, like the phoenix rising

from the ashes? The answer lays deep within. Into ourselves we must go, and seize the courage to ask.

Copyright © 2019, Joseph Civitella.

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Joseph Civitella
Joseph Civitella

Joseph Civitella, PhD, is a life-long student of metaphysics – the quest for truth, meaning and purpose – and is an ordained minister in the International Metaphysical Ministry. He operates the School of LifeWork (www.schooloflifework.com).

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The Courage to Ask
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