Taylor Nelson
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The Contest

"Enter the contest to reveal the best recall"

Enter the contest to reveal the best recall,

Send us your child, it’s required for them all,

They may enter as young as decade’s half,

Every year a new stream, a brand new draft.

The first stages of the contest everyone’s kept up,

But the load they must bear, the demands start to pick up,

The kids with the recall coast through it with ease,

For the kids who lack memory it’s too late to leave.

As hard as they work, and as hard as they don’t

One remains comfy, one barely afloat.

At the end of the day the contest cares not for effort,

The only distinction is who can remember better.

For a gleeful twelve years some live knowing they are blessed,

Preened from birth to win the contest,

For a grueling twelve years some are locked in a duell,

Doomed for lack of memory, in this place we call school.

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The Contest
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