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The Codes of Beauty

A Poem

Number one- Bearded, Nike shoes, blue jeans, and a prestigious sweater.

Number two- Long hair, Vans sneakers, and round face

Number three- Long suede jacket, tall, pointy nose and small hands

Number four- Name brand jacket, skirt, ear morphs, short natural hair, and long fingers

Number five- “Fancy shoes,” suit, and tie

Number six- Mohawk looking haircut, chubby a little, black jacket and fat fingers

Do not wear

Black long boots with no logo, black hat not fitted, and nappy hair.

Do no wear a black and white hat, brown and grey jacket.

DO not have “Ramirez” book pack except you rocking renowned pant and jacket.

Do not leave you hair funky spunky.

Do not wear bright orange

Things that are okay

Do try to be yourself, but you must not follow: “I do not wear” as you will not be noticed

Pink backpack allowed.

Black North Face allowed.

Quality stuff perceived by society allowed.

But to stand out, you must follow rules one through six.

Don’t need to abide, it’s already in motion.

The New Code of Beauty- October 25th 2019

Glasses –okay

Large eyes- okay

Big nose- okay

Big breast and big boobs highly required

Pants below waist – Highly required

Pants at waist – okay

Big lips- okay

Low lips- okay

Lips- preference

Do be unique in your style.

Remember one size fits all.

Do abide by the motion or you will be left behind. 

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The Codes of Beauty
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