Sam Al Hajjar
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The Circle of Life

Don't judge a fable by its beginning but by its end.

You choose how you want to live.


And Death...

It's the circle of Life

Death is a phase in Life

And Life is a phase in Death

When we Die

We go to Heaven

A world with no Oppression

A world with no Aggression

Away from the Depression

At least that's what the story Fantasised

A land that is Sanctified

A home for Adam and Eve

Where they didn't wear anything Underneath

This life is Sad

It can make us very Mad

For everyone is Greedy

Selfish and Seedy

So why?

Stay Alive

If living is Giving

Pain and Suffering

We try to learn from our Mistake

And let Death make its Take

But on the edge of doing So

We uncover our biggest fear and Foe

The thought of leaving this World

Of having our life fold and Fold

Of leaving our friends, our Families

Our Romeo, or our Juliet

For life is worth It

No matter what we cross in It

Because its blessings will always Be

Greater than its calamitous Moments

So live your life without any Regrets

You choose HOW you want to live.

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The Circle of Life
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