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The Chase

Darkness presides.

Hell awaits me ahead, and also chases from behind

Memories of my past trail behind like a cloud of smoke

Choking out any light from those I pass

I lay here in my bed, dark thoughts echoing through my mind

Surely everyone can see my life is only a joke

Why do I even try? I smile, alas.....

My life is wasted on frivolity and gluttony

And I see nothing but emptiness and cold pageantry

Welcome is the dark embrace of the past

Cold and sharp, it encroaches on my very soul

Guiding me down the path to my eventual

Hatred of myself and all I've come to know

Only now I see, I was part of the show

My own designs keeping me in tow

And my emotions ruling from the shadows

I never knew the darkness in my own heart

Was guiding me to my demise from the start

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The Chase
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