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The Card

Let me be a birthday card.

Photo by Wesley Caribe on Unsplash

Let me be a birthday card 

so that I can touch your heart while you hold my hand.

Let me be a card of confession

whispering in your ear all the things I’m afraid to say.

Let me be a Christmas greeting

singing carols without opening my mouth.

Let me be a card of comfort

blanketing you with warm hugs from the tip of my pen.

Let me be a bundle of well wishes for that bundle of joy.

Let me be a work of displayed art in your new state of the art house.

Let me be a token of appreciation after all these years of loyal friendship.

Because one day-

After the gift-cards have all been used.

After that cellphone is no longer in style.

After the size 2 jeans are two sizes too small.

After the engine of your car retires.

After the chocolate has been savoured.

After the lavender scented socks stop smelling

After the best friend has become an enemy

I will kiss the eyes who still flicker with

ancient words soaked with the  flavours of time.

I will re-read every card ever given to me

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The Card
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