The Calf

A Poem

The Calf

I’d spotted her early on a Saturday morn

She just kinder got my attention

She weren’t nothing special, jest another newborn

And no remarkable traits to mention

So I marked her down in my tally book

Then, I proceeded to go along my way

I stopped on the ridge just for one last look

But, by then she was gone, much to my dismay

Well shoot I thought, I reckon I better go see

It’s dang cold out here an she’s so small

And with them cougars out here a roamin free

A baby calf wouldn’t make no hunt at all

So I rode back to where I’d seen her before

And by then, it had started to snow

I was 8 miles out from the cabins front door

So, I figured I’d get her and then go

My Ol’ Hoss was eager to get on the trail

He knew that barn would be warm

But Then the wind picked up, to almost a gale

We were in for a purty bad storm

I found us a spot in a dry creek bed

To wait out the wind and the snow

Ridin in this weather, we’d all end up dead

And that aint how I wanted to go

I got out my bedroll, to block out the snow

An, I tied a blanket around my old mount

Then I bundled that calf, an we hunkered down low

By then the temperature was too low to count

Somewhere in the storm, I drifted that night

Cuddled up next to that lil calf

I woke with a start at the notice of daylight

In my confusion I started to laugh

Gone was the cold and lifeless terrain

It was sunny and the grass was tall & green

I wondered at first, if I’d gone plum insane

This was the craziest thing I’d ever seen

Then all of a sudden this feller appeared

He looked like any Ol cowhand

He smiled at me an said aint nothing to fear

The boss likes cowpunchers with sand

Hoss, Im afraid you didn’t live through that storm

But you made it to a much better range

Cuz Out here, its good weather, always sunny and warm

An In awhile you wont feel so strange

Ya see Pardner, what you did for that baby calf

You did for the good lord above

Its how God separates the wheat from the chaff.  We give our best when we give out of love.

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The Calf
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