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The Butterfly and the Bee

A Commentary on Optimism and Realism

The butterfly sees everything it could be

The bee is paranoid of everything around it.

This makes the butterfly naive to reality

And the bee unable to see the good in others.

While the butterfly observes our beautiful world

The bee judges it with precision.

The butterfly sees nothing wrong with the world

While the bee sees the world as unredeemable.

the butterfly is eventually taken advantage of

While the bee is taken for granted.

Both creatures are able to change the world

But neither can, their worlds are are just them.

Slowly, seasons begin to change

What was once luscious spring became summer

What was once warm summer became fall

As winter approaches, neither can adapt.

Seasons revolve, spring approaches once more

And new creatures emerge

Different spots, different stripes,

But the same mindset.

Thus continuing the cycle of nature. 

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Lucas Hyman
Lucas Hyman

Hello! I’m Lucas. A Jewish-Puerto Rican, Native to the Northwest, and lover of Social Justice/Revolution! Feel free to read my articles as I write them! Everything I write has kept me up at night and comes from the heart.

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The Butterfly and the Bee
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