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The Butterfly

Embracing Change

Photo by Ye Fung Tchen on Unsplash

                          Gossamer wings

                          A fragile thing

                           Floating in the warm air

                           Seemingly without a care

                           An image of light

                          Beautiful and bright

                          No one knows the darkness it endured

                          The blackness it knew before

                           Inside the cocoon, a tiny beating heart

                           the caterpillar slowly breaks apart

                           Broken down and rebuilt again

                           Though it would seem to be the end

                           In darkness, the caterpillar changed

                           Through blackness, loneliness and pain

                            To finally emerge in the world

                            Delicate wings slowly unfurled

                            Finally rising into the sky

                             With delicate grace, a butterfly

*Change is often painful. But although life can break us down, as we endure the blackness, we are rebuilt into a more beautiful version of ourselves.*

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Jenny Beck
Jenny Beck

I am a chiropractor, health advocate and advocate for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. I love to travel and spent several years working overseas in Indonesia and Ghana. @aslchiro- Instagram

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The Butterfly
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