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The Boy Who Would Be King

Mike Tyson

The boy who would be King

Born alone but a few things

Left to the wolfs only his end what fate would bring

shackled in a cell mind as well 

Little did they know what he would be 

one day the king is he

But king of nobility he cold never be

For he had much to conquer, his destiny

Taken by force, grit, and pain

One day we would all cheer his name


The masses would say

For he would conquer all in his way

His life, one of sorrows

till he met his master

Sir. Cus D’amato

“I shall show you the path”

He said to young mike

Together we will be more

More than hype

And so those years went by in those Cat skill mountains

the boy once afraid was now king of said mountain

The king of the game

in that juvi cell destined for hell stood now stood a man that would drag you There

form bell to bell

Uncommon among uncommon peoples

he had equal

His style ferocious

Defense impregnable yet so impeccable

This was no longer a boy

but a king with a swag oh so immeasurable

But soon there after the loss of a master, what a disaster

For his master young mike would cherish then and forever after

But Like every great king

Reign is never eternal

A new era had come

Young Mike was not the one?

For in the shadows came a worthy contender

Sir. Buster of Douglas

“I will be your Ender”

And so was the tale of Mike

The King of Queens berry

He would be now known as the king time could not bury.

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Rhenato Amayamoto
Rhenato Amayamoto

"Taunting myself with the bitter and entirely useless consolation that an intelligent man cannot seriously become anything, that only a fool can become something.”

F. Dostoevsky 

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The Boy Who Would Be King
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