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The Body in Life

A Poem of True Purpose

My life is like water finding its way through a beautiful countryside

Meandering with a curving flow, graceful in form and body

And when I resist it erodes its way through, though the block be hard as rock

Then on it moves on, never stopping, sporadically changing pace at will

And the sounds that arise is music to the soul

Sending peaceful vibrations to the very core of my being

Even the rocky whitewater dances with the ground

Though the rocks block the way it laughs as it pirouettes around

Nothing stand in its way, no depth or distance, night or day

And so I accept the way life is and where it’s going

Leaving it to move its own direction, be it good or bad

Making no objection, whether it be, happy or sad

It is not the life that defines the truth

The body is just a tool that the soul did care to use

No empire to build or great deed to commit

The spirit within now a beacon, a light it emits

For all the lost souls who have forgotten their past

I now bring the way to become one, at last.