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The Body

What You Do to Me

Your Lips

When your lips touch mine

Magic is in the air.

When our tongues collide

Electricity runs through our breath.

Your lips are my weakness 

Yet they make me stronger with every kiss.

Your Eyes

Your eyes are brown like the oak tree outside my window. 

My eyes are blue like the hummingbird who lives in your backyard. 

Together we are a fierce storm;

A shelter and a vulnerable creature.

If I were unable to look into your eyes, I would not have a shelter from our wild storm. 

Your Mind

The way you think is art to me. 

Your mind runs wild;

It explores every possible aspect there is. 

Your mind is a place where I wish to live; 

For then you’d never forget me. 


My body cannot handle what you do to it. 

The slightest touch and it feels like I’ve been thrown into a hottest of volcanoes. 

My body cannot handle what you do to it. 

The smallest breath and it feels like I’ve been buried alive in the Himalayas.

My body cannot handle what you do to it.

My body cannot handle


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The Body
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