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The Blossoming Flower

Hidden Meanings Within the Petals

A Lily Flower

There once was a flower that was withering.

The petals started to come off one by one,

floating down onto the ripples of the river,

slowly, but surely, treading along faster and faster.

With the speed picking up from the river,

the petals began to compete.

Soon, there was a master of the petals.

Dreading on their defeat, a hierarchy began to form.

The ranking system started from first, second, third place,

and then there were the extra.

As the master of the river let out a cry of laughter, the extras began to form teams.

Growing as strong as a beam, building up strategies, ideas, anything to go against the master of the petals.

First, second, and third place left.

All that was left was theft.

Swirling in the waters, the extras decided to race again.

With acceptance from the master,

another challenge came into play.

The master gave the say and decided to set another race in May.

May came,

gliding faster and faster,

pacing against the master,

spinning and spinning,

aiming towards winning,

not even close to thinning,

the race came to an end.

The extras won and the deed was done.

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The Blossoming Flower
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