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The Blitz of Life

Life Is Short - Don't Wait

Life is tough

Life is short

Short time

Short change

Change is constant

Change is necessary

Necessary evils

Necessary pain

Pain always comes

Pain always leaves

Leaves behind

Leaves in the fall

Fall down

Fall to your knees

Knees are bruised

Knees help you stand

Stand for what's right

Stand for what's yours

Yours is for the taking

Yours is worth it

It is not meaningless

It is not waste

Waste is unnecessary

Waste isn't fruitful

Fruitful adventures

Fruitful choices

Choices are yours

Choices can be made

Made into something

Made into success

Success isn't results

Success is feeling

Feeling of accomplished

Feeling of you

You can achieve

You can fail

Fail is inevitable

Fail is acceptable

Acceptable is okay

Acceptable is temporary

Temporary is progress

Temporary isn't patience

Patience isn't the goal

Patience isn't waiting

Waiting is failing

Waiting isn't ambitious

Ambitious is life

Ambitious is meaning



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The Blitz of Life
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