Colleen Kelly
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The Bliss of Breath

How Sweet It Is

I breathe you in.

I inhale,

Sipping in slowly,


Allowing you to fill my body,

Every inch,

Receiving your life force.

I draw in one more sip,

Holding in this energy,

Surrendering into the fullness,

Of the moment,

Reveling in my own natural abundance.

When I can't take anymore,

I surrender once more,



I Exhale.

Releasing you out,

Into the universe,

As pure love,

Dropping into the emptiness,

And the fullness,

Of the moment.

I continue this intoxicating exchange,



Slowly savoring the flow of life,

Allowing every breath to bring me bliss,

Sweet, sweet bliss. 

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The Bliss of Breath
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