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The Black Woman

Black Woman

Black Woman

I am sitting next to my friend in the pizza shop. Listening to his rant about women.

He tells me the girl he thinks is his wife

She is not black

I cheer him on

Because love is love

He goes

I don’t want to marry a black woman. They are not submissive. They are too strong

He points at me

Exhibit A! I can’t lie, he says

I admire your strength and character. I wish I were like that but I’m afraid, it can be too much for a man to handle.

Wow! I say

I do not owe you submission

You are not my other half

What do you like about her, I ask

Nothing, he says

She is just beautiful

Then it hit me,

The black woman is not just too strong for him

She is not pretty enough for him

Have you seen her lately?

Your sister;

Dark as coal with eyes bright as the moon

Her skin makes love with the sun

How is that not a thing to envy

Our fathers say the black woman is god

Christians say God is love

The black woman is love

Is that too strong a love for you

Bold as a lion

With the strength of her ancestors running through her veins

Is that too much strength for you

Works tirelessly from dawn into the dusk

Is that too much hard work for you?

Digs her claws into the skin

Of any who messes with her seeds

Is that too much power for you?

Even the black woman needs to be protected

And a real man need not be afraid of her.

Perhaps, you are not man enough.

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The Black Woman
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