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The Bittersweet End

Love can be deceiving.

In the very beginning, you were delicate

Not like a rose, more like a weed


You seemed strong

Only to find that you can easily be torn

I pulled you apart, dissected you

I found pieces of you that you tried to hide

Fragments that were slowly killing your entire being

They were damaging you

I made it a mission to make them disappear but as I tried to save you, you pushed me away to a place of no return

Maybe I wanted to fix you the same way I wanted others to heal me..

I expected more

I was your peace and you didn't want to accept it

You weren't used to a love so pure

Did you realize ? I too was delicate...

Maybe I thought helping you would help me

But did you see the pain in my eyes ?

It was too late, we were in too deep

In the end, my love saved you

But your love killed me

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The Bittersweet End
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