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The Beauty of Nature

There is beauty in a storm.

The beauty in this world shows through light; even in a lonely ocean surrounded by the darkness of night. The great strikes and flashes, we enjoy as the lightning whips and lashes. When the thunder rolls, lightning is soon to follow; then comes the rain and washes away all the sorrow. As the storm rolls on out of control, the lightning keeps the night lit, lest we get cast blindly to and fro. 

When the storm comes upon you; watch and listen to the sky. For the roll of the clouds, the roar of the thunder, and the clash of the lightning will warn you to seek shelter ahead of time. The skies grow green, then red, when it is black; know the storm is upon you, seek shelter lest ye be stuck in dread. 

The rain comes down, pouring out like a flood; the dry ground breaks up as it is turned into mud. The hailstones slam down in a haste; the atmosphere you can almost taste. The thunder roars as loud as a raging lion; the lighting strikes and the wind begins flying. The seas rage under the dark black skies; people run in search of shelter from the wet cold night. 

Boats on the seas get tossed to and fro; as the storm begins to rage out of control. People hiding in their boat cabins; with fear in their eyes, the wind swooshes the water over and under them throughout the dead of night. The sounds of rage and chaos echo through the night skies; as all creation runs for shelter for which to hide.

When the storm blows over and the skies subside; look to the east for where the sun still shines. The grass is greener; the skies bluer. The smell of the after storm dew rings in our senses clearer. Open your eyes from the storm you fear; for it has blown over and is no longer here. 

As the sun rises far in the east; know it is time to come out from hiding and stand on thy feet. Look upon your surroundings dear one; feast thy delights on the beauty of nature under the rising sun. 

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The Beauty of Nature
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