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The Beast Inside

How Someone May Feel

footprints leave an imprint on your heart

Don’t tell a lie you can’t hide the beast inside, it grabs you any chance it gets.

Twisting your insides until you can’t bare the pain any longer.

Making you clench your stomach with such force that you leave nail marks.. it makes it blotchy and red. It descends into a purple darkness.

Erupting all over your stomach and when he saw it.

He cried. It pained him and made his eyes sore to the core. Bloodshot and red also. He shook his head and calmed you until dawn.

He couldn’t bare doing this every day, all day. He had to let you go... be free, live his life and pray.

No one will be there to help you, to pick you up. Maybe it’ll okay, until your insides start to slow down... fuck up.

Every twist and pull you feel... living day by day with this dull pain inside of you.

That’s when it happened. Your pulse softened… slower beats every second.

Your frightened scared and very alone… you can’t even pick up the god damn phone.

You fall, you crawl.

Before you know it... you’re crying a waterfall.

Someone help me, set me free

Let me die peacefully…

But the demon, the beast won’t let me.

My insides twist, turn and tighten. Cramps are happening much to often

My stomach was on fire… sending shocks up my body, higher and higher.

Don’t forget about what you did, you lied. That’s why the beast is still inside...

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The Beast Inside
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