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The Beach

A Descriptive Sketch

Ocean Beach in San Diego, California - Photo Credits to Author

 As I’m standing there in the middle of the glistening blue water surrounding me, I feel at home. With every splash of a wave, I hear each one whispering my name. My toes sink into the wet sand with every step that I take, walking into a dream on this warm summer night. As I stroll out of the water, the water droplets fall off of me like rain falls off an umbrella. As the droplets slide onto my face, I can taste the sea salt, and smell it in the breeze. I sit on my fuzzy towel that is now warm from the falling sun, sending a tingle through my spine as I sit and admire the beauty surrounding me. The sounds the waves make are music to my ears. Splash, woosh. Splash, woosh. I close my eyes and carefully listen to the composition of music the ocean is creating for me. Sometimes I get lucky and in the middle of it, the seals flop out of the water and bark for a grand solo. They jump onto the rocks so gracefully, and I sit there admiring their silhouette in the falling sun. Their dark, little bodies and long whiskers stand out against the ombre colors of orange, yellow, and red in the sky that continues to get dark. The night begins to show more and more, covering the bright day with a blanket of navy darkness. The seagulls’ conversations begin to fade away more and more as the night gets closer. The crabs begin to get tucked into their shells and rest from a long days work of crawling and pinching. Even as the night comes, the waves continue to crash against the shore. The ocean stays constant as if it were a photo, whether it is night or day. The reflection of the brightest star we call our sun begins to be replaced with the white, brightness of the moon on a dark backdrop against the water. As I pick up my towel to begin heading home, the cool breeze wraps around me like a hug, and the grains of sand fall off my body. The sand stuck between my fingers is itchy and uncomfortable, yet it is a heart-warming souvenir of the place I love to call home.

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The Beach
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