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The Beach

Peace Infinity

Bring me to the beach where my soul lives to peak,

Each grain of sand that gets me closer to everything I seek.

Bring me to the beach when I need to be uplifted,

When I'm sad, lonely or my world has been shifted.

Bring me to the beach when the tide is low and shells are glistening,

As my days turn into years and it seems as nobody's been listening.

Bring me to the beach after all the stormy weather,

Feel my breath more shallow while my heart beats on a tether.

Bring me to the beach when my time is getting near,

When all the feelings that remain are no longer fear.

Bring me to the beach when I'm listless & cannot walk,

To hear the ocean's words of peace, although I cannot talk.

Bring me to the beach one last time to celebrate my life,

So I can say goodbye to all the hurt & strife.

Come to the beach when I am gone but know I'll still be here,

To whisper through the waves to you, "Baby, have no fear."

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Reese Jones
Reese Jones

Constant thinker, busy mind, learning to live in the present. Be a better version of me. Accepting single motherhood, being a parental caretaker, finding time for myself. Returning to creativity, want to write about whatever my heart says.

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The Beach
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