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The Battle


Something’s very wrong with me,

Is it any wonder why?

When I was just a little girl

I had to watch my mother die.

She was such a vibrant woman

The way I want to be

But the cancer came again

And took her away from me

But it took her very slowly

I think that made it worse

Because when I watched her suffer

It felt like I was cursed.

It started with her legs.

She began to fall.

It wasn’t very long until

She couldn’t walk at all.

I pushed her in her wheelchair

Outside to get some air.

When she got stuck inside her bed

It was more than I could bear.

Then she couldn’t feed herself

I helped her as she ate

But even that stopped soon

What else was I supposed to take?

Then she couldn’t speak or see

We didn’t know if she could hear

All I knew was that my mother

Couldn’t see my tears.

I said goodbye to her one morning

before I left for school

Then my grandma told me wait

She’ll be leaving very soon.

I screamed and cried, I begged her to stay

I said I wasn’t ready

For her to go away.

She breathed her last as I kissed her face

I didn’t know what else to do

So I ran out the door and down the street

My friend was waiting right on cue.

The memory’s burned inside my head

It will never go away.

If you ever ask what’s wrong with me

This is what I’ll say.

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The Battle
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