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The Ballad to My Youth

Time travel is highly requested.

Photo credit to childdevelopmentinfo.com

Youth and innocence are two precious things in our lives that we desperately cling onto as we get older.

Age is a blessing and curse - a bittersweet moment in our history. We long to become wise and free, but when it's not as we expected we wish to turn back the hands of time to our naive and tiny minds.

Adulthood comes with so many responsibilities, so many experiences, and for some people they're able to transition into that job with minimal damage.

But for people like me who have been rushed into adulthood and maturity too fast feel pain, unhappiness, dissatisfaction within our puny and meaningless lives.

Having to juggle so many things at once at an early age is hard on the body, the soul, and the mind.

And sometimes I think it's better to stay naive than to have all this power build up in my aching skull, waiting for me to pull the lever to the dam.

After all, ignorance is bliss.

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The Ballad to My Youth
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