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The Art of Being Broken

Undeniably Shattered

The Art of Being Broken 
The Act of Having Spoken 
Must Admit that it is Hard 
Hearts are Charred 
Speak and Be Known 
Speak and Be Grown 
Bare Your Shattered Heart
This...This is a True Start 
It's Okay to Not Be Okay
For in This Life We Pray 

                                                S  ha t t  e  r  ed  

B a tt  e r e d 

                                                B e a   t en  

B r ui  s e   d                           

                                                 U se d  

A bu s e d 

                                                C r  u s h e    d 

He Was For Us 
Yet for More We Lust 
For More We Long 
Knowing Not Why it is Wrong 
The Art of Being Broken 
Brought a Healing Token 
The Final Word 
Covered Now Thus Gird 
Clothed and Mended 
Souls Perfectly Tended 
Now Reading
The Art of Being Broken
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