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The Anger of a Thousand Suns

My Survival

I don't remember much

But the grasping

The grasping and choking

Pulling me closer while I sat frozen

Drunk on cheap whiskey and my own foolishness

That was my night of hell

When the devil took back what was apparently his

He took away my life and my dignity

Taking advantage of me at his moment

But within me was then a dark void

And also the anger of a thousand suns

I was angry at the people that would not love me

I was angry at myself for letting it happen

I was angry at the world for creating the devil

I learned that God has eyes filled with fire and rage

And his ears filled with burning souls of the modern age

God did not help me

For he is ashamed at what he has done

I still hold the anger of a thousand suns

It had consumed me

For the one who took advantage of me left only anger and fear

A mistrust lasting for years

But mostly an anger that is all consuming

They say fire purifies

The anger in my eyes will someday turn

Into the strength of a thousand suns

As he will never harm me again

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Adam J
Adam J

I am your common broke college economics student mainly writing for a hobby. I enjoy many topics including economics, mental health, and of course beer.

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The Anger of a Thousand Suns
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