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The 1920s

The Decade of Empowering Women

My name is Alice....Alice Powers,

There was colorful dresses and streets filled with beautiful flowers,

I am a white woman with blond hair, envied by all,

Many say I am so beautiful, and that I look like a baby doll,

This was the Golden Age where everything looked and felt racy,

My heart swelled and foods didn’t just look good, but also were very tasty,

The Harlem Renaissance was something that was unprecedented,

Jazz, art, poems, something Blacks were proud of being presented,

This was the decade of alcohol and fun, but there was also a lot of poverty,

Old men from the Upper and Middle class laughed at them in mockery,

I was born into a rich family, so I lived life and spent money like I had a luxury,

Never been the perfect housewife, cooking and cleaning that was some type of drudgery,

The times were changing, all women could vote,

We finally felt free, showing our happiness with a smirk and a gloat,

It is time for me to enjoy the rest of the party and bid you a farewell,

Because I am a lot tipsy, the alcohol is not sitting in my stomach so well,

Goodbye from your dear Alice,

I hope to hear from you soon,

But if not, then smile even through the full moon.

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The 1920s
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