That's What I Say

Fear No Beer

Atlas Pizza 

Fear no beer, that's what I say

Fear is queer in its own mysterious way

It is necessary when understood, but how do we ever, KNOW...?

"I know, I know I know!"

We all know everything, or at least we can.

But if that's true, why is anything banned?

Oh yeah, I was scared. Scared to learn, scared to change, scared to reach my full potential, scared of the responsibility that comes with knowledge, so I CHOSE.

To live in fear.

So I know what I know, and I CHOOSE not to know what you know, and now we don't have to be friends.

I can fear your beer and call you queer and we'll both leave unchanged....

Well, see CHANGE is a funny thing too.

You find it on the bottom of your shoe like some sort of sticky icky goo.

You cannot avoid the change leftover from your purchase but you can throw it away to someone who needs it if its a burden 

And the change that comes from this you see, will have an EX in front of it or an S and a T.

For if you fear the EX-change that you need, you both leave with hardened hearts and that's a STrange thing that no one wants to see.

So if you know and I know and we all CAN know it all, then why do some stand while others still fall?

I'll tell you what I know this day: It's a strange change a-coming our way, but FEAR NO BEER......that's what I say. 

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