Kaitlyn Simpson
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Thanks to You

A Random Poem

I keep reminiscing on better and brighter days.

In those days is where I want to stay.

Just spread my wings and fly, fly so far away.

I'd give anything to be anywhere but here.

Why do I feel like my time is near.

I'm hoping and praying to get out of this mess.

I'm like a little lost bird who can't find its nest.

There's got to be a way out of this place.

I can barely even stand to see my own face.

Oh, look, there's a light.

Should I stay calm, or should I fight?

I hear something in the distance, like bells.

What it is, I can't tell.

I feel so weak, yet, oh so strong.

Save me Lord, I'm coming home.

Then I see them.

All pretty and dressed in white.

They tell me everything's going to be alright.

They're singing my name.

They're glad I came.

They bring me such joy.

I feel like a little kid who just got a new toy.

I feel so happy now, but the light is fading.

They've reminded me that life is amazing.

This is it.

My life is new.

I realize I should have listened to you.

You helped me through good and bad.

All I ever did was make you sad.

I tell you I'm sorry.

I'm going to change.

I'm here now to take away your pain.

I know I'm the reason.

I just couldn't take no more.

Please let me make it all better.

I see you're cold, here, take my sweater.

Badly, I hurt you.

I can't believe the things I'd do.

I'm going to change, I swear.

All this misery is just so hard to bear.

I need you my dear, please come closer.

My anger and frustration are like a gun.

I promise from now on I'll keep it in it's holster.

This way we can have more fun.

I need you my love.

Please don't hate me.

You're so perfect to me, like a dove.

My love for you, I wish you could see.

You're in that position now,

Everything is a dream.

It's going to get better sweetie.

Wait and see.

The look on your face tells me you see them.

Life through our eyes are no longer dim.

We can both be happy now.

The rain is gone.

It's time to take our bows.

We've sung our song.

Say goodbye my love,

To all those horrid days.

For now it is time for us to change our ways.

Now our lives are happy.

We have made it through.

I couldn't have done this without help from you.

Always remember,

I love you.

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Thanks to You
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