Cindy Anne
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Thank You for Making Me Strong

A Poem to Overcome Heartbreak

My heartache fuels these words,

You’ll regret it all some day.

I knew who you really were

And loved you anyway.

Time after time, I stood in your corner,

And maybe that made me weak,

But pretty sure you are lost,

A narcissist, who should be meek.

If all the women - and the men

You’ve lied to would unite

Told your stories, heard your lies

Maybe then you’d feel the bite.

You crush hearts and crush minds,

Not knowing the damage done.

You’re just looking for acceptance,

But in the end, you have not won.

For those who live to tell the tale,

All who know the real life story,

The recklessness you induced,

no soul to even feel sorry.

I hope one day, you try and sleep,

But it floods like poison in your brain,

The tortured realization,

All the hearts you held in vain.

And in the end I hope these thoughts,

Help you realize that you are wrong,

And once I’m through the soot and dirt,

I can thank you for making me strong. 

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Thank You for Making Me Strong
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