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Temporary Insanity



Temporary insanity... a place of blissful indulgence, yes

here it comes again... she laughs

I'll go with the movement of it... fluid rhythm la la la

a runaway train, a buckled horse

without bridle

I am water dripping down your tasteless back

a pariah... I'll suck the life out of you

after I've tasted

an anomaly

gaping hole


I have painted it all black to match my bruises

You press them with your confident fingers.

I charcoal your face another head that bled into my sliding life

I let you go... but not peacefully

you go into the abyss of my sinking heart

you slope downwards when I flashback

out through my fertile tubes.

My bones

broken buildings


smacked against tireless waves

I simmer

temporary insanity it borders the shores of your heart too...

I slip down your tasteless back...

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Temporary Insanity
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