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Tears in a Bottle

Promises, they say, are just words.

Some days can be high and others can seem low

Inevitably the muse for a fine rondeau

Today is about someone you know

Or a person I used to know

Stuck between clinging to or letting go

Rattled by the emotional presence you bestow

In my head, I can't find the right tempo

Promises they say; are just words

With the writings on the wall; we were two blackbirds

Venom from the fangs of a viper; allegations too absurd

But you believed them and never took my word

Forgetting the good times; you ate all of the shit they stirred

Now that all is gone, I'll save my tears in a bottle

I'll send you a little something as a reminder

To show that my sorrow does linger

And the pain in my heart still simmer

As our future together grow dimmer

And as a token of this unrequited love

I'll send you my tears in a bottle

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Tears in a Bottle
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