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Targets Are Meant Not to Be Achieved

A Folly

Targets create pressure in mind,

Tasks are to be finished by end of deadline,

Things get messy when pressure is high,

Chaos happen when people argue which results in fight,

People get stuck in difference between right and wrong,

But think their mind is strong,

When work is done under pressure,

Mistakes happen and confidence shatters,

Working under competition is not healthy,

Work is hard work only if honestly done,

Shortcuts in life leads one Nowhere,

Work with good intentions,

Work with self-respect,

Work with positivity,

Teamwork should be a STRENGTH!

Targets distribution in a team based on individual potential,

With a focused approach on output,

Minimizing distractions external and internal,

With positivity and the right attitude,

Can bring a revolutionary change!

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Targets Are Meant Not to Be Achieved
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