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Tall Black Boots

My Desire

 Tall Black Boots

I've got a pair of tall black boots

They have a cost-efficient feel


They come completely water resistant

With an attractive! Plain Jane appeal

MY tall black boots

Have both buckles... and... laces

Oh Yes...

Sensually shackling up my feet

With their attractive! Girl Next Door faces

These tall black boots

Have a DESIRE... to be worn

Uh Huh...

With their soft souled insides

And... attractive! Shit-Kicker form

My TALL black boots

Have these knee-high black tongues


That lick... up... my... calves

With an attractive! combat-amour-fun

These tall BLACK BOOTS

Have non-existent heels

Oh No...

With slip-resistant traction

And an attractive! Zombie-Killer... appeal

My tall black boots


Don't Stop...

Because they fit me like gloves

With their attractive! body... enhancing... abuse

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Mia Lynn
Mia Lynn

I'm a mother, a daughter, an artist, a photographer, a writer, a deep thinker, a reader, and a depressed anxious sarcastic cynical bitch. I mean what more could you ask for, right? (All Content Original!)

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