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Tales of A

Broken Butterfly

With no wings, you’re common. You’re like everyone else in this forest. Stay to the ground, hide in the ground… play in the ground. The safety of the ground is what you have to live off of.

With wings, you’re common. You’re like everyone else in the air. The freedom of the skies is what you have to live off of.

But, what if you have only one wing? What if, like a butterfly you, enjoyed both lives? You enjoyed having the safety of the ground that evolved into the freedom of the skies.

Someone clipped your wing? Someone turn you into something was monstrous, a being that wasn’t native to land nor sky. A being that now has survived an act of the purest form of invasion of privacy. 

Now you’re unique, the beauty that made you common is no longer there. The beauty that you didn’t know you had turns into the only fear you have.

The feeling of being unique in a common world only pushes you to the darkest parts of the world you didn’t know were real.

With one wing, you’re unique, you’re like nobody else, not like on the ground nor in the air. You have little safety on the ground and little freedom in the skies.

With one wing, everything changed.

With one wing, your freedom & safety is only a distant memory.

With one wing, your beauty is different.

With one wing… can you relate to this tale of a broken butterfly?

Tre Banks
Tre Banks

Hello! My name is Tre’. I live in Columbus, Ohio. My life hasn’t been the easy, but I never let that get me done. I found Wicca when I was 13 and that helped me get my thoughts onto paper. 

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