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Taking Away a Homeless Skin—Street Death

Lost and Homeless

Issued laws,

social claws,

soaked in bloody gore

unwanted, unseen,

blighted by government screams

how many hours created minutes

destroyed gazes

cold becomes the blood within

vampire proofed

chilled to reflection

mighty souls you take protection

stealing the homeless skin

im a man

im a women

the child

human being

council offices choke on radiated heat

Royal weddings, clean the streets

hidden corners

keeping sane

dodging drunks

sleepless on the pavements of gold again

tears track along

family creases

scars withdrawn

cardboard pleads to empty faces

and the mighty souls

remove another homeless skin

names checked from lists of shrouds

winter its teeth prepared

removes another homeless skin


a single word on rough traced paper blown 

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Taking Away a Homeless Skin—Street Death
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