Take Flight

A Poem

Throughout the bright morning sky, 
The Sun is so bright it never blinded me, 
The meadow swayed beautifully, 
The tall trees take chances like me. 

I'm secured in my small wooded home, 
When I fly, I struggle, but I take flight. 
Even though my body and wings are small, 
I feel a calling that gives me no fright. 

My flight is my ending and my beginning, 
As I fly, the scenery changes into many colors, 
Colors from green to red to brown to white to black. 
As the day plays, night clean's the earth's mirrors. 

When I come home, I observe my victory today, 
Then I learn my days are full of dark and light, 
I also learn that I fly like gold, I fly like rust. 
But always forever, I must take flight. 

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Take Flight
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