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Photo by Carolina Heza. Written by Tiffany Harry 

Stand, Fall, Crawl

Spin, Plunge, Soar

Tumble, Fly, Dive

Climb, Scratch, Release

Dig, Crush, Plant

Blossom, Wither, Bloom

Push, Pull, Endure

Try, Cry, or Fade Away

Jump up, Stay down, Be Still

Whisper, Shout, Stay in Silence 

Laugh, Giggle, Sigh

Run, Stop, Listen

Crush, Hold, Squeeze

Hope, Wish, Look Down

Thrive, Fall Back, Jump

React, Frown, Express

Spying, Lying, Truth

Believe, Faith, Doom

Shine, Sparkle, Shadowed

Paint, Crack, Blacken

Brighten, Lighten, Darken

Splurge, Sponge, Save

Poison, Potion, Antidote

Fear, Love, Weakness

Shut, Open, Close

Break Down, Open Up, Close

Open Your Eyes


Open Your Mouth

Be Yourself

Or Fake Being Someone Else

It’s Your Choice

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Tiffany Harry
Tiffany Harry

I’m trying to write a children’s book, Into reading , music, drawing n writing poems. I love my family, my uncles n aunts, cousins,my grandchildren. Love my lil Em. I have two beautiful daughters and two great sons. Love my hubby n Dad Ron.

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