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Photo by Alessander Cabras (Pinterest)

you can tell a lot 

about someone from their shoes.

a good egg,

a drifter,

an artist.

the shoes of this one

scream in tongues,

bellowing from deep in her gut.

"help me!" they cried

"i'm all alone, 

i have no home 

just a place i reside."

he looked up to see

a pillar so stoic

carved beautifully 

and she didn't even know it. 

you can't tell what plagued her 

from solely a look - 

she requires more than a glance

she's no open book.

you have to sit with her once

and let the soft words

from her mesmerizing voice

put you in a trance.

he saw the shoes of an artist - 

paint stained and covered

in a variety of coffee grounds - 

clearly she worked to get through her days

probably to pay for wherever she stayed.

he saw this worn look on her face,

that, paired with

this dazzling yellow aura of grace,

could tell a grand story

if she'd ever let you in.

he saw a beautiful girl, deprived of so much

with hair hugged by the wind

and skin kissed by the sun.

her sadness genetic,

feelings poetic in nature

so the pain didn’t phase her. 

with a copper shield

she took on the world 

but no home could keep her,

her love just a teaser,

insecurities deeper than the surface.

her best learned habit, you see

is how to be without family.

Jessika Lazala
Jessika Lazala

Jessika Lazala is a teacher and writer from Springfield, MA. Her writing is motivated by trauma, love and loss. You can find more of Jessika’s writing on her portfolio website, thesethoughts.us. 

Twitter & IG: jjessknowsbestt

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