surreal poetry

Surrealist poetry embodies the essence of poetry itself, drawing upon shocking imagery and lyrical incongruities to comment on the inner-workings of the mind.

The Crow Flies
I dream in the 3rd person as the crow flies. The crow flies, man! And I think that I can fly–fly away and stammer away the day. From the ground, I run and my arms go outstretched as wings of the black...
Benjamin M. Wilde6 months ago
Time Always, and Again
Notes in sequence echo, as a drum is heard unseen. We take steps. Our hearts pulse. A clock ticks. A rhythm forms. The nature of life is movement. And all that moves, must do so in sequence. One vibra...
Jeniah Clarke6 months ago
The Note
The note stared me in my face “Get out now, while you still can” I let the words set in like a stone And looked up, wondering the boy’s plan “What is this for?” I interrogated. Hoping that he would te...
Amy 6 months ago
And I want to write a fantasy novel Marry a rockstar And tour the globe with a band And I want to own an apartment in Berlin Be Indiana Jones Or at least his wife And I want to go to wizard school Sla...
Benjamin M. Wilde6 months ago
I Am A Mirror
If there are any angels bring them down here. I bet they'd never find any work. This road is paved with all our fears And all that's free in the world, is hurt. And you could never really save us 'cau...
Keenan Chiasson6 months ago
Ruby Fragments—I
Immutable combustion deafens the Hollywood man with a severe stiffness that falls into an incessant drone soon captured, trapped, beneath his salt-soaked eyelids. Ruby-stained thumb and forefinger gri...
Silver Graff6 months ago
Daisy (A Poem)
Slowly, I walk towards the moon I might have to go soon The sun’s about to rise Safely, I make myself go home I don’t want to be alone The sounds are about to go down, down, down Do you remember the w...
Amy 6 months ago
How It Should Be
Don't know much about you Just when I was growing frustrated Everybody's doing it And I'm doing it wrong Or am I? You heard I might Bite and Cut Both I do Again, what are the odds And my they be in my...
Amy 6 months ago
Downward Spiral
"Don't do it" That's what she said "Not worth it" That's what she said "You'll be hurt" That's what she said "You'll ruin everything" That's what she said Almost done it... That's what she did Saying ...
Jack Rabbit6 months ago
Masculine, Feminine
The body is a vessel, connected to spirit and mind, Residing within my mind, manifests these grey eyes, "Who?" asks the Owl, who is this other being that lives inside, A vulture circles the city of Th...
Benjamin M. Wilde6 months ago
Routes in Soil
I stand in a place of absence. A black void stretching out beyond the length of my sight. In the dark, I see all, for it remains the same here, as it does there, beyond the rim of perception. As I loo...
Becca Eliza6 months ago
You're never going to be an angel Your wings are black and stained You’re never going to be an angel You have fell and felt the flames You’re never going to be an angel You’ve been so long from grace ...
Andy Russell6 months ago
Okay Amos
Sense late on how life is deep. Traps of routine a crisis type feat. Like songs I hear shower me in shit. A dog wet of smell and living in fear. Okay Amos what do you see? You seem to always make your...
Tomás Brandão6 months ago
The Pale Rider
At first, his sight ceased Then his hearing was no more Darkness fell Silence reign No longer could he feel anything Alone, lost, empty The darkness was too loud And the silence too bright His humanit...
Natalee Beck6 months ago
The End is Near
Do I look sad?? Do I look like I hear them?? Do I seem like I don't care?? Do I seem like I hear them screaming?? So, you say I look happy. You say I'm not right in the head. So, you say I should care...
jack york6 months ago
Eyes of the Ocean
There she was..a girl with crystal eyes like the blue sky. Red hair so thick yet fine. I see her energy like transparency. It is nothing like I've ever dreamed. I look at her and time elapses. Escapes...
Amethyst 6 months ago
A word resonates in my head. I can't pronounce it, but I know it's his name. The ichorous discharge is almost transparent as it's sucked into the syringe. I look at him, God's envoy or God themselves,...
MaryBeth 6 months ago
Run with Scissors
Don’t run with scissors Well, why not? Who says? I’ve run with scissors all my life. And have systematically failed, To poke my own, (or anyone else’s) eyes out. When I was four, I stole a pair of pin...