surreal poetry

Surrealist poetry embodies the essence of poetry itself, drawing upon shocking imagery and lyrical incongruities to comment on the inner-workings of the mind.

Tom Baker15 hours ago
Where Have You Been, John Redhawk?
"Finally. I punched that hole in the sky."
Her World
She's poisonous no, she's venomous Let her in at your own risk She'll wrap you up in her crazy ways Strike when you least expect Swirling in her venom of ecstasy She'll spit you out if you leave a bad...
Rees Marshall3 days ago
No Name Tim: Redemption
No Name Tim is lost. He has decided that everything has nothing. Everything has no meaning, no purpose, and no name. Has anything ever been? Of course it has. Everything has been but nothing has lived...
Sharita Cormier5 days ago
Majestically Created
Was it the purity of her they feared Was her beauty too much to bare The intensity of her depth made them shy away Her eyes fiercely piercing through their tough rugged skin Plundering deeper and deep...
Elfie Maebh5 days ago
Hidden Meanings
There’s ice in my lungs And fire in my blood Slowly It’s killing me Slowly * Hope is the colour of burning things Flames surrounded by midnight I sit and wait for the warmth it brings Surrounded by it...
cookie foot5 days ago
Living Death
I am not good very good at letting people in. My tongue handcuffs sin. My gray metal teeth are the hard and cold metal bars to a dingy jail cell. I may not be doing the best plain and dead It's nice t...
Dexter Sims5 days ago
Monster and I
Blackness in the trees. There is a monster. A monster only I can see. To live a true life is one of liberty. But while i foster this horror. I can never be free. Some say to be free, is to be unburden...
Mariah Yates6 days ago
Thank You, Anxiety
Thank you anxiety For always making me think things are harder than they really are & a sense of accomplishment is always out of my reach For turning situations into a living hell & twisting words in ...
Zackery Talvy6 days ago
Freedom Exchange
The house was empty, nothing to show but the dust blow through wasted breath. A flame burned brightly as though to show safety in the cold cryptic house, the sky was lit only with the souls of baffled...
Susie Brooks6 days ago
Written in the Stars
I lie awake at night Staring at the sky Through my open window And I think to myself “Why it is that the sight of stars Always make me dream”? Dreams of you They fill my mind And consume me completely...
Susie Brooks7 days ago
A Brief Conversation
Life asked death: "Why do people love me but hate you"? Death responded: "Because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth". -Unknown *** I've felt the bitter, clammy touch of Death on more th...
Chaffee Wood7 days ago
A Night, a Day, a Lifetime, a Sentence
Suffering in a night, in the rain, in a corner of the street. Face against cement, eye peering at the people walking by, it closes itself in defeat. Heart beating, pounding from the chest to the floor...
Danah Slade7 days ago
Abjure your thoughts about me, Let them evaporate premature, Flee from them as they reverberate Down tunnels unheard. Caught in coils and brain circuits, A toiled mess it seems, derailed from sensitiv...
Lisa Warner7 days ago
As Darkness fell across the land, They knew their time was close at hand, The time to fight, The time to win, The greatest battle would now begin. They marched towards the battlefield, With Axe, or Bo...
Danah Slade7 days ago
Paper World
I swear the world is coming undone My vision is thin, I am numb. Particles make swirly patterns in the sky. The light hitting my eye, it lies. This is an artificial photograph God has held to my face....
Sharita Cormier8 days ago
As the light turned to darkness her heart became a flicker that brightened the world There was a radiance that twirled through the mist of the night air She danced upon the moonbeams glow Adrift on th...
ani manoukian8 days ago
I need someone or something to bring me back to reality out of this black hole where unanswered questions that taunt me and haunt me in my nightmares go to bask and enjoy themselves until they're revi...
Vincent Jimenez8 days ago
A Quote?
An ironic misfortune has come across me: a quote from a writer that has got me thinking far beyond the depths of any other quote I have stumbled upon. It is a misfortune because society hasn't positiv...