social commentary

There's a rich history of poetry serving as social commentary, intended to inspire calls to action.

Ti Ana2 years ago
His family lived in what you call, “the ditch” The north side of town no one wanted to be, but could unfortunately see who had the daughter with ripped jeans split to the thigh who had the dog attache...
Terri Lyons2 years ago
Weez Here
Weez Here We shook the southern dust from our feet for the last time, By foot, mule, train or truck, Dixie is at our back and a new day is ahead, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York, We final...
Terri Lyons2 years ago
Blood, Sweat, and Fire
Blood, Sweat, and Fire The Wonderful World of Disney gave us a Sunday evening rest, We anticipated Ed Sullivan’s line up of guests Until Huntley and Brinkley had breaking news Of another bloody episode of what we were going through, There was a march on the Pentagon, Pressure was mounting and Johnson was sweating. While the politicians were working to save face Deafening chants were demanding an end to the war. Something started with a cab driver in Newark, Cops didn’t like the way he drove the ...
Alex Maurice2 years ago
What I Am
I am a writer Not a journalist A storyteller Not a reporter A thought teller Not an event teller When I say "writer" Thou shall have no confusion
Edens Fleurizard2 years ago
Black Lives Matter
All. Lives. Matter. Really? Because you’re genuinely scared of the police Because you can do everything right, and still get shot Whether you’re lying on your back, or handcuffed, on your knees. Becau...
Pearl Allen2 years ago
I Am
I am I am life, do you not want me I am here do you not see me I am speaking. Do you not hear me I am a dream, do you not live me I am faith, do you not believe me I am hope, do you not need me I am d...
Dustin Stephens2 years ago
I found God circling the pilings of solar panels in my high school parking lot, a dragonfly frozen in his nail- pierced palm. “Just playing dead.” He said, and went back up in a cloud of forgetting, f...
Pearl Allen2 years ago
A Soldier
A Soldier Stepping out of the shadows of death Re-entering the life that I once knew A Soldier returning home from war Things will never be the same Shadows of the fallen haunt me as I sleep A Solder following the order Crossing into another border I walk with pride while inside I have died
Chez D2 years ago
Oh Shit!
OH SHIT! that scared me! Don’t sneak up on me, don’t bring up that memory, if you expect me to sanely LI IIIIIIIIII VE…….! A shot gun blast a scary past… Murder, rape, and beatings, leave uncontrolled...
DAVID PRIOR2 years ago
The Best Medicine
Fun, free and easy to use, Will help you far more than wine or booze, Boosts your energy, and can reduce your pain, Increases your happiness, and will keep you sane. Relaxes your muscles, and protects your heart, Binds people together, and easy to start, Can enhance relationships, and improves your mood, Try not to do it though, when you are eating food. Promotes group bonding, adds joy to your life, Helps you cope, with anxiety, stress, and strife, Strengthens your immune system, and starts wit...
Syndie Seeker 2 years ago
People walking by, They don't look me in the eyes Is this how it's meant to be, we all have eyes but we can't see We close our eyes and dream We know not all is as it seems Somewhere deep inside we un...
Chloe Gilholy2 years ago
Alcoholic A-Z
A is for ale. Very light and pale. It's an old man's tale. B is for beer. Of course, it's got to be here. Always good to have one near. C is for cider. The tongue becomes a rider. Makes the brain go w...
Willow Draven2 years ago
When The Music Leaves
We're always running on the edge of crisis Like Trump and ISIS plus Dionysus Trauma-Joy mad poetry seethe in our brains As we writhe through the cracks just try to maintain It spills all over everythi...
DAVID PRIOR2 years ago
The 12th to the 16th June was diabetes week, There are around four million cases in the UK to treat, There's type one diabetes, and type two, It's a far more serious illness, than I ever knew. Blood pressure checks, blood glucose, and cholesterol tests, Some alcohol is allowed, but no smoking is best, Insulin is required to treat this disease, Exercise is recommended and eat sensible please. Talking about feelings to family and friends, can be beneficial to you, Or joining a walking club, garden...
Senso Senso2 years ago
Letter to My Coworkers
My skin is not a joke. My black identity is not a punchline. The rage I swallow down is not a commodity that you can sacrifice in the name of "humor"; unfunny words that come down as laughable for the...
Lovely Latifa2 years ago
My Children
My children won't grow up like I grew up. As a parent, as a mom I have to understand it. When it comes to the Basic life. Our children don't have the same setup The illusion caused confusion lives dyn...
Jennifer Jean2 years ago
Through the Windshield
Through the windshield Darkness. Panic Through the windshield Alone. Despair Where did I go? Tornados and Tears I have lost Hope. Depression. Fear Shame and Confusion. Pretend to be OK Shame and confu...