sad poetry

The cathartic nature of poetry makes it one of the best outlets to channel feelings of sadness, emotional turmoil, grief and despair.

Andreas Colman2 years ago
My Withering Rose
I am a Gardener, You were my rose. You came to me looking for someone to trust, For betrayal is all that you've ever known. It's almost as if you were made for me We both needed somebody to rely on So...
Brittany Houser2 years ago
The Monster Within
The monster appears to all. He does not care your age or race. He is an equalist of fear and fright. He is the reason of your nightmares. Stealer of life. Thief of childhoods. He creeps in the core wa...
Deandra Huggan2 years ago
I Want to Not Live Anymore
I am someone who breaks way too easily. With the smallest set back All that I have worked for crashes to a stop Nothing is spared. Trying to put myself together again seems impossible. Though I want t...
Coleen de Guzman2 years ago
as we walked through the frozen forest of our motherland all I could see was a blank canvas flecked with black paint made of mortal remains and in the middle like the north star itself was your bright...
Lindsay emert2 years ago
Sticks and Stones
Stick and stones will break my bones but words will never break me first appeared in 1862, but have the times changed? Now we sit and exchange words behind a screen and have no social interaction. Wit...
Mikayla L. 2 years ago
Parents can make or break you. I remember our early morning and lazy afternoon bike rides. I remember the ice cream trips. I remember you teaching me to learn to swim, to learn to drive. The laughs, t...
Amanda Zylstra2 years ago
Burn the Witch
Tiny daggers shot my way. Keep friends close, and past enemies closer. You disguised yourself as a friend. Were you out to burn me all along? I was a fool to trust you. I believed in you, And that you...
Fake Smile
Do you understand what it means to have a smile that's fake? It's like wearing a blanket, instead of a cape. It's like eating icing, without a cake. It is fooling everyone around you, Letting them thi...
I've got $16 dollars to my name $16 to play the game More than half is going to pills More than half to keep up with my thrills A little over half a tank Gas aint cheap at any rank Hurricane came and ...
Destiny Smith2 years ago
Yellow House
Keep inside little one, Of that yellow corner home. On the corner of beginnings, Of the only world you know about. Keep there, where pink flowers are in bloom, And climb up all the walls. Where plasti...
Destiny Smith2 years ago
I'm the One Who
I’m the one who won’t be falling backwards. Five older siblings taught me that, because when my brothers weren’t throwing me out in the snow, they were letting me fall on my back. I’m the one who’s al...
Jasmine Eiko2 years ago
"Brother Across the Pacific"
This one is for the big sisters miles away from home who long to hold the hands of their siblings — may you one day find your way back — but most special, this one is for my "boboy": Thunder roaring d...
Tyler Peer2 years ago
I am lost with no direction in life Better settle down now and find myself a wife I hope that she don’t get home too early It’s half past 8 and I’ve missed the date Too late for all my empty yet since...
Gracie Wall2 years ago
Looking at the night sky I see thousands of tiny wondrous stars. All different All the same Blended in the the night sky Life. But born to stand out. Empty promises filled by those around us promises ...
Jasmine Flower2 years ago
I Will Be Angry
I. Am not. Yours. To control. To manipulate. To steal For yourself. I Am not Yours. If you Want me To grace Your presence, You better come With Respect. I Am not Yours. My anger Boils Inside me Fierce Like fire Because what is expected of me Does not match What I have received. Or even What is humanly possible. I Am Not Yours. I Will not Bend To your will Because you Think you know What is best For me. Fuck you. I was raised on manipulation and control Which means that I am immune To manipulatio...
Christina buck2 years ago
Left Me
I'm tired Just tired My body feels like a porcelain doll taped together My mind feels like the duct tape in my head is old and withered There's no time for rest Father Time is a wicked evil man The jo...
Destiny Smith2 years ago
The Art of Falling
I beg you to leave Like a child on a swing, Voice going higher and higher as I begin to scream, “Please! I don’t want to come down.” But I do The body I’m bound to, Which feels not entirely my own Com...
Vintie Writes2 years ago
The Mask
When did it start? When...oh, when did everything begin? I can’t remember! All I recall is going to school, first day, Short and happy. Ready, ready for friends. Funny! It’s funny because I got nothin...